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October 15, 2008:

Lax rules and weak enforcement allow scrap companies to profit by sending junked computers, printers, and TVs overseas

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Intertec supports the electronics manufacturing industry nationwide with evaluation, re-use, disposal, and certified destruction services. If you are ever in need, please give us a call.

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October 15, 2008

About Intertec

Intertec specializes in helping companies deal with excess inventory, especially electronics. Rather than just blindly scrapping or auctioning your inventory, as so many others in the excess management business, Intertec analyzes your inventory and maximizes its value. This can mean reselling as-is, retesting, repairing and reselling, decomposition and reselling the parts, or destruction and selling the precious metals that remain. Intertec has been in business since 1993. Its years of experience give it extensive knowledge of the component market. Using ExcessTracker™, our proprietary advanced inventory and project management software, we track your materials from receipt to sale. Intertec also offers guaranteed destruction services, so that you can rest assured that your inventory will not haunt you in the market.
Intertec is a trusted name. We have helped some of the biggest names in electronics and computers in their efforts to optimize the value of their obsolete inventory.

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California EPA Approved Recycler

We comply with the strict California EPA Standards for e-waste recycling and as an approved participant in the state of California's CEW Recycling Program, we are held to a high environmental standards for the treatment of electronic waste. Participation in the State's program allows e-waste recyclers to offer cost free disposal for California's disposing of obsolete electronic considered "Covered Electronic Wastes", including: