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Intertec Services supports OEMs, CMs and end users worldwide in helping prevent maverick material disposal and procurement. If you are ever in need, please give us a call.

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About Intertec

Intertec Services is a material management group specializing in helping companies deal with "excess" inventory, especially electronics from components (IC’s) to finished goods. Rather than just blindly scrapping or flipping/auctioning of your inventory as so many others in the excess management /"asset recovery" niche business do, Intertec analyzes your inventory and maximizes returns from all angles of the value chain (with an extra focus on legacy product). Among our many strategies/services offered, this can mean recertifying/remarketing our extensive component stock via normal distribution channels & Web sites (e.g. NetComponents) down to the destruction of proprietary material and recovery of inherent precious metals (i.e. reclaim services via global refiners + direct witnessing/assay services).

Intertec Services (web domain only) is governed by New Tec Circuit Sales, Inc. which has been in business since 1993. Our initial focus was on electronic component remarketing (i.e. PC boards & active/passive components) and recovery (e.g. failed+ proprietary product). Now our years of operations and experience have resulted in an extensive inventory of components + expertise in technical support and remarketing of finished goods and assemblies (creating an ecological system on many legacy product lines for repair & support) as well as trusted loyal affiliates to fully support supplier and end user custom solutions.

Using ExcessTracker™, our proprietary advanced inventory and material management enterprise software, for suppliers we offer consignment programs where we track your materials from receipt to sale (traceability is key to integrity for all parties involved). Through comprehensive reporting, Excess Tracker’s design/slogan is to prevent maverick corporate remarketing (dumping surplus) AND purchasing (check excess markets for NEW product). NewTec also offers guaranteed destruction services so that you can rest assured that your inventory will not come back to haunt you in the marketplace. NewTec is a long trusted name and have helped some of the biggest electronic/semiconductor equipment companies worldwide in their efforts to optimize the value of their obsolete inventory.